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California College Paying People to Smoke Weed and Virtually Drive In other to better understand the ways cannabis use impacts traffic safety

drive smoking marijuana

In an effort to better understand the ways cannabis use impacts traffic safety, UC San Diego is conducting a virtual driving study that tests how driving high impacts the ability to respond to common challenges on the road way. The study, the largest of its kind, and is being conducted by the college’s Center for Medicinal Cannabis Research. And to make sure they’re attracting the right candidates, researchers are paying people to smoke weed for the study.

And for the study’s participants, paid to drive while high. The CMCR is giving participants $50 for an initial appointment. But when participants come for the full day assessment, UCSD is prepared to drop an additional $180.

Researchers want to know how different cannabis doses impact a person’s ability to drive while high. Timing is another variable the study will examine. If a person consumes cannabis in the morning, how long will their high last? And at what point is a person no longer under the influence of cannabis?

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Jenkins Tina

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Great California is doing it the right way.

Olman Kunan

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Surprising news, hope to join you guys soon.

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